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1. Dress rehearsal weekend announcement for this April

2. A letter from the Secretariat with thoughts on 2020

*** Future Weekend Status and Exciting Announcement ***

Greetings from the Secretariat!  As you know, Weekend #38 has been postponed again but we are looking forward to holding real weekends in the fall (provided conditions allow that).  Both TDCA and TDI have created guidelines for holding weekends in this Covid era, which we will be following.  This means weekend logistics will change, so the Secretariat is proposing a “Dress Rehearsal” weekend this spring, for TDCA members only, which will allow us to test and refine the changes before an actual weekend with Pilgrims, and also to provide the participants with an opportunity for some much missed fellowship!  The changes will be focused on the health and safety of all participants to allow people to feel comfortable joining us.

Here’s an initial list of what is planned for both safety and work goals for this weekend (subject to change):

1.      All attendees will be asked to sign a TDI approved waiver, attend 2-3 planning meetings before the weekend, and pay ½ of their fee by February 12th (non-refunded team fees from last spring could apply here).

2.      Masks will be worn indoors, masks optional outdoors. Please provide 1 clean mask per day.

3.      Temperature checking morning and evening, hand sanitizer stations in all activity rooms.

4.      Observe 6’ social distancing in groups and in chapel, dining room and Rollo room (Rollo setup still TBD, a main reason for this dress rehearsal).

5.      Dorm rooms – use every other lower bunk (gives 96 total bunks available), friends can bunk together or we will group people together with similar masking/Covid concerns.

6.      Older team members need to be extra cautious and not attend unless they understand the risks involved.

7.      Work to create “Covid safe” arrangements for all major weekend activities and perform a run through of them – including Thur night social hour, chapel services and worship times, communion experiences, Rollo room setup (including limits on Pilgrims, total table count, seating at tables, team in room, worship times, etc), lining the walk, mealtimes, praying over rollista, Palanca, group photo, We Prayers, Serenade, closing, etc.

This dress rehearsal weekend is scheduled for Friday April 16 through Sunday April 18, at camp, with men and women participating.  You can arrive anytime on Friday, hopefully in time for dinner, more details provided after the planning meetings.  Closing up after Sunday lunch, departing early afternoon.  Men & women housed at opposite ends of camp.  The camp will provide 6 meals (Fri night through Sunday lunch).  The fee to participate is $150 per person (includes the new higher camp fee of $135 and miscellaneous costs). Given the special nature of this weekend no scholarships are planned.  Transportation will not be provided so feel free to carpool as you are comfortable.  We are targeting 80 to 100 people to participate.  More details coming as we continue our preparations for this first ever dress rehearsal weekend.  

We need to make final reservations for the camp in early February and it will be non-refundable. If you are seriously wanting to attend, you understand the risks involved and want to reconnect with your Tres Dias Brothers and Sisters, please contact Jim Langdal (azdansk@gmail.com) as soon as possible.  Thank you!


The Tres Dias movement endeavors to bring Christians to a closer, more personal walk with their Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to Christian leadership and apostolic action in their environment.

Dear TDCA Community

The Secretariat has written a letter to you, sharing our thoughts about this past year.  The links below will take you to a text pdf or an audio mp3 or a video mp4 of the letter being read by Jasmine Medina.  Please read or listen to our thoughts - if you have any comments or feedback, there is also a link to email the Secretariat.  Blessings to you all this New Year!

Community Letter - pdf

Community Letter - mp3

Community Letter - mp4

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